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List of Publications

  1. "A Heuristic Method for Finding Computer Applications in Professional Cases", In Proceeding of the First Computer Conference: Education, Research & Applications, Tehran University, 1993.
  2. "Farsi Expert System Tools Based on Semantic Nets", Gozaresh Computer, Vol. 15, No. 122, 1993 (as the second writer).
  3. "Knowledge Non Uniformity of Knowledge and its Importance", Gozaresh Computer, Vol. 15, No. 123, 1993.
  4. " University Quality Improvement by Improving Professional Knowledge of Faculty Members & their Involvement in Professional Problems", The Second Seminar on Quality Improvement of Universities, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, 1994.
  5. "University & Computer: Necessity & Requirements", Second Informatics Seminar, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, 1994.
  6. "University Staff and Computer: Necessity of Immediate and Direct Access", Gozaresh Computer, Vol. 16, No.125, 1994.
  7. "Computer Professional Certificate", in proceeding of The Third Annual Computer Conference of Computer Society of Iran, 1995 (as the second writer).
  8. "Non Computer Students Education and its Impact on Computer Experts", Gozaresh Computer, Vol. 18, No. 130 1996.
  9. "More Productivity by Special Education for Taking New Position", in proceeding of The Second Seminar on Practical Methods for Human Productivity, 1996.
  10. "Mathematics Education by Emphasizing Applications", in proceedings of The First Mathematics Education Conference, 1996.
  11. "Artificial Intelligence in Islamic researches", in The Third Seminar of Computer in Islamic Researches, 1997, Ghom.
  12. "The World of Zeros and Ones" (a book for teen-agars), Madreseh Publishing Co., Tehran, 1997.
  13. "Computer and Future Job", Borhan, Vol. 7, No.22, 1997.
  14. "Computer Aided Education In Iran's Condition", in The First Education Technology Seminar, Allaameh Tabatabei University, Tehran, 1998.
  15. Farsi translated form of the book "Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles, written by William Stallings, Prentice Hall,1998" with Dr. Hossain Pedram, Sheikh Bahaei Publishing Co. , Isfahan, 1998.
  16. "Question Game" (a book for children), Soffeh Publishing Co., Isfahan, 1998.
  17. "Toward Revolution in Research Organization of the Country", in The First Scientific Conference on Research Problems of the Country, Country Scientific Research Center, Tehran, 1999.

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